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Working to become versus working for money

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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work


There are 3 main decisions you will make in life and generally they come in this order:

  1. Your career/profession
  2. Who you marry, how many of them you will marry or if you will marry at all
  3. When you invest in your first home

The rest are details…

Since your work will determine, like an invisible cloak around your shoulders, the rest of your intricate selections, it begins with who you want to become, what is really important and what truly matters to you.

We have a gazillion reasons to work with the main one being ‘survival’ and to pay bills; many of us do not have the luxury to choose the kind of work we want. However, if you are in the category of those who can choose your work, then choose wisely. For when you are satisfied with your life and doing what you enjoy, the rest will follow- including money.

When a choice is made purely for money and a need to make more and more, it will not ever be enough and ultimately it will affect your state of mind, your partner and your investments.

Check your pulse: when you do what makes you ‘feel’ good, excited and enthusiastic that’s a sure sign you are heading in the right direction for yourself. Keep going until you feel butterflies in your stomach like you did when you met your first date!

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