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Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

Powering the African narrative, one story at a time.

Powering the African narrative, one story at a time.

Very few institutions are as powerful as the media. As storytellers to millions, we have the power to shape public perceptions and inform narratives - good and bad.

Media coverage about Africa, overwhelmingly focuses on negative stereotypes with little to no emphasis on subjects and stories that provide a counterpoint view.

The success, opportunities and vibrancy of the continent are often overlooked by international media and, in many instances, by African media itself. Even when the coverage of Africa is, on its surface, positive, it is often simplistic and sometimes sensationalist, at the expense of showcasing regular voices and stories of Africa.

At Qazini, we are fervent believers in the power of stories.

Our platform serves as an antidote to the disempowering, one-dimensional narrative that is all too often told about the African continent. Our storytelling serves as an entry point for general audiences to understand emerging perspectives on the continent.

We also use storytelling to help individuals and organisations build connections, bring about change, and leave a meaningful legacy with their work.

Our goal is to drive systemic change in our societies by consciously, purposefully and relentlessly championing narratives that are empowering to the continent of Africa and her people.

Your story matters