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Why You Should Consider Sending a Digital E-Gift Card this Eid

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With the crescent moon having been sighted, the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end Thursday 13th and Friday 14th. Eid Ul Fitr celebrations will follow for the next three days as Muslim faithful break the month of fasting with festivity and charity. That’s what’s special about Ramadan – it is a time when we are expected to share our abundance with the less fortunate.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a damper on Ramadan celebrations this year, with many faithful not being able to afford basic foodstuff.  We have seen government officials helping out, ensuring that everyone is able to break the fast in joy. Such gestures of goodwill is what the holy month of Ramadan – and in effect, the Eid celebrations – is all about.

A time of cheer and charity

According to Islamic tradition, Eid is a holiday that emphasizes charity. It is the common theme in two of the most important Muslim holidays; Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. On these special days, checking up on the less fortunate, an important aspect of the Islamic faith, is even more important. states that financial donations may also be given, including digital e-gift cards, to help cater for celebrations in more needy areas. This universal spirit of togetherness in celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr binds all Muslim faithful and non-muslims together. The good news is that you don’t have to be a Muslim to enjoy the festival of exotic foods served in Islamic establishments like mosques and the homes of faithful, community centres, and rented halls.

Prayers are said to bless the entire world, and a word of blessing, mercy, forgiveness, and peace is also proclaimed. Following a month of prayer and supplication with daylight fasting, Eid ul Fitr is a time for Muslims to share the blessings of Allah with all of humanity. It is for this reason that sharing of food and gifts is a popular practice at this time.

Halal gift ideas

As stated above, Covid-19 impact means that those large jolly social gatherings will have to be smaller this year. At the same time, millions of faithful have been affected by the pandemic, making their situation untenable and Eid ul Fitr celebrations improbable. Below are a few gift ideas to make this Eid a cheerful one for a friend, family, acquaintance, or even strangers.


One tradition of Eid ul Fitr is wearing new clothes before starting the festivities. So you can make someone’s day by offering to buy them a new robe, scarf, or even a nice t-shirt. What’s even better about gifting clothes is that you can do it online. Or, using Giftpesa digital e-gift card, allow your Muslim brethren the opportunity to buy their choice robe or buibui.


When it comes to gifting kids, the safest bet is to buy them playthings. A child can never have too many toys, so any new ones will always be appreciated. However, it might be necessary to consult with the child’s parents or guardians before buying or bequeathing the gift.


One of the best gifts you can give during this festive season of Eid is food supplies. In the next three days of celebration, copious amounts of food will be consumed. Even well-to-do families might appreciate the help. But the neediest, being the less fortunate, sorely need your help. But you don’t have to do the shopping yourself (do you even know what to buy?), you can send a Giftpesa digital e-gift card and let the recipient fulfil their own shopping needs.

Islamic literature

Of all the gifts you can give this Eid, a Quran or Hadeeth Book is one of the most attractive for believers. Children, for example, will appreciate a new piece of Islamic literature (Hadeeth book) or getting a copy of the Quran.


Finally, you can reserve your gifting to sentimental presents such as jewellery, a gift that the receiver will treasure for as long as it lasts. However, for this sort of gift, extreme care is necessary, because tastes vary. A good solution would be a Giftpesa e-gift card to a jeweller, for the receiver to redeem in their own time.

Gift-pesa e-gift cards

We overcome challenges by working together to find solutions that work for everyone. This year’s Islamic festive season has been overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the social restrictions imposed to combat it.

Electronic gift cards are usually more flexible in withdrawal, which means you can easily contribute towards someone’s festivities literally at the click of a button. With a Giftpesa digital e-gift card, the recipient gets to choose how they spend the money based on their current needs. The important thing is to spread that goodwill without putting anyone’s life at risk.

Happy Eid ul Fitr from Giftpesa. And may your celebrations be filled with laughter and good cheer!

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