What It Means to Take Responsibility for Your Life

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Article by: Tazim Elkington

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Now, why would we be discussing responsibility where mental health is concerned? Let's break it down. Firstly, what is responsibility? It’s a value that people talk about without really ‘getting the depth’ of its meaning.

To be responsible means to be accountable fully for what is within one's control- finishing what you start, taking whatever roles you wear to their best potential and most importantly, owning your actions and thereafter the consequences of these actions. Responsibility also means taking action even when consequences will or might be challenging.

In a nutshell, being responsible means going beyond the ‘status quo and being willing to own your life.

How does this translate when it comes to mental health issues?

Here I will separate the types of mental health as a person who has chemical imbalances and is unable to control their state of mind will not be able to be responsible. They have either left their mind or have other aspects influencing their lives in these extreme states.

Today, I am referring to the state of mental health of the rest of us who all have issues. Recognizing that most of our mental health issues are related to our pasts- socialization, upbringing, parents, siblings, partners etc. In fact, in most cases, it's someone and/or something on the outside that is triggering all your upsets. This already means that you have lost control of your own life as someone else or several others control the state of your mind. What this really means is that as long as someone else is controlling your state of mind (your house – your engine) you cannot steer yourself.

This means you are not being responsible for your own state of mind. It is absolutely essential that you take back your life into your own hands and not allow someone not only to control how you feel but also how you react to your inner world which will ultimately affect your outer world.

Why, how and for what reason have you given over your life to those that do not belong in your mind? Take your power back, empty your mind of these people and situations, heal yourself and move beyond the past. Take responsibility to be responsible for your life. It's one life…either live it or don’t!

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