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That Is Not in My Job Description

Let’s start with the words, job description: most organisations do not have clear job descriptions and the ones that do don’t bother to update them on an ongoing basis.

Then we have another challenge, the trend of working people to the bones. This has become the new ‘busy’ and ‘hip’ way to life. I rarely ask people how they are as I am bored of hearing the same old answer: ‘I am so busy’! Well, for those of you who think being busy gets you a brownie point let me dynamite that belief – it does not!

We have become a nation of people who emulate what used to happen in the West 30 years ago. Taking a helicopter view of our human workings, it would look like a bustle of activity in an anthill or a beehive. But this is not how it’s supposed to be in the 21st Century.

Before you actually create or dive into your job description it is essential you have your ‘life description’.

It is time for us to start redefining how we live and work. The old beliefs are no longer congruent with the 21st Century life model. It is more about ‘How does one create more life-work balance’?

It is essential to define what your life means and how much of that time you are willing to dedicate to work in order to pay bills. Is it necessary to work 14 hours a day to live in a home that you hardly spend any time in? Or drive a big car that zips you from home to work and back and then you are so exhausted that you cannot conceive going out again? Or to have a family that you don’t see as you are too busy playing your ‘job description’ at work?

Let’s sum this up: Organisations must start understanding that it’s about working smart not working hard in today’s world. This is not only essential but necessary to avoid all the stress-related illnesses that are now becoming part of our lives. Offering perks like exercise, yoga, meditation perks, Friday afternoons off and time to breath will create loyalty and a healthier workforce!

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