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Take Personal Responsibility For Your Mental Health

Every child develops its inherent core beliefs and perception of life in its early development ages of 0 – 8 years. Most people are unaware of this. Even when we think a child is not listening or has not seen what’s really going on in its environment, he/she has already made conclusions through observation and unconscious absorption. As we grow older, we keep repeating behaviours that we learnt from our parents, grandparents, lineage, and the world at large. This causes us to keep repeating the errors of past generations.

In order to break the cycle of these outdated modes of living in the 21st Century and to create a new type of humanity, we must first examine the past. Examining is necessary and important, as it helps us identify the aspects that are no longer relevant. And it is when we do this in a totally honest manner that we begin the healing process within ourselves. 

It is not about BLAME

Blaming past generations and our parents for who we have become is not the answer. Taking responsibility is the only way forward. Taking responsibility for what? For the fact that they did not know better and that each of us has the potential to change our present and future. That is entirely possible and is every single person’s responsibility, especially in this highly charged tech world that we are totally immersed in. This in itself is posing the greatest challenges. With social media and comparison, most people feel they are and will never be good enough. This goes back to the intrinsic core belief from childhood that I will not match up to X, Y and Z.

Our mental health is entirely our own responsibility. In the last 50-60 years, the number of new mental health dis-eases have increased and multiplied. The enemy that was the wild animal outside is now the parent, boss, partner, frenemy or sibling. Since we are couped up indoors and our social interaction has been dismantled, how do we cope in this crazy world? Unless we take the responsibility and acknowledge we wish to engage differently, behave differently, and be different, nothing will change. 

Having said this, we also need to acknowledge that some mental disturbances are so chronic and debilitating that a person is no longer of sound mind to even consider how to help oneself. 

The significant aspect is to understand that it is possible to avoid these deep destructive illnesses by understanding where and how they develop. 

May you be wise enough to ‘see’ and begin your journey to yourself!

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