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Looking for the Perfect Gifting Solution in Kenya? Try Giftpesa

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Due to Covid-19, gifting has taken a hit everywhere in the world. Restrictions on movement, interactions, and social gatherings mean that those special moments we used for exchanging gifts are no longer available to us.

However, this does not translate to the death of gifting. Thanks to the digital gifting platform, Giftpesa, it is still possible to find alternative solutions to gifting.

Let’s look at some reasons why Giftpesa makes for the perfect gifting solution in Kenya.

Minimized contact does not mean minimized care

Restrictions against the spread of Covid-19 have necessitated the minimization of contact between people. Observing social distance, staying indoors, no handshakes, elimination of social events, and remote work all seem designed to disconnect us from the rest of the world.

Giftpesa ensures that, even while social contact is minimized, you can still maintain and nurture important relationships for you and your business through thoughtful gifting.

Freedom to choose

Giftpesa offers the receiver the freedom to redeem their gift whenever and wherever the need arises. With over 1,500 outlets to choose from including Carrefour, Artcaffe, Java House, Shell AND no voucher expiry, Giftpesa’s position as the leading gifting solution in Kenya remains unchallenged.


The duration of an e-voucher’s validity and the allowance for partial redemption are some key metrics that speak to how convenient is to use digital vouchers on the Giftpesa platform. A Giftpesa gift voucher remains valid indefinitely; unless the receiver forfeits it, in which case it reverts to the sender. What this means is that none of your gifts will ever go to waste.

In the matter of partial redemption, Giftpesa allows the receiver to redeem the voucher partially or fully. This can be very useful in the tough Covid-19 economy where many have lost their jobs (and livelihoods).


When it comes to corporate gift-giving, the ability to track redemption can be very useful. It allows you to generate critical customer data, which can further boost your business. Giftpesa’s gift-tracking services allow the sender to access an analytics dashboard where you can see the redemption history of your gift. Furthermore, any unredeemed e-voucher amounts revert to the sender, which gives you a chance to follow up.

Just because the Covid-19 pandemic restricts contact does not mean we stop caring for or checking up on each other. All it means is that we have to find novel solutions, combining technology and existing infrastructure to make things work.

And as far as gifting is concerned, Giftpesa is the way to go.

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