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I Am Whole and Complete As I Am!

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Therapy and healing are considered taboo especially on our African Continent. Click To Tweet

We have somehow separated parts of our being into mind, heart, body and spirit. But let’s start from the premise that its all one system that is totally interconnected. Why do we need to see it as a WHOLE? Because we keep dividing and separating to a point that we even divide and separate ourselves. So taking this approach of wholeness we start to look at ourselves, not as broken, not as divided, not as pieces or parts and instead we see this magical creation we are as a whole.

Our systems have failed us miserably to date, as these systems have been created to divide and separate. As we now move towards a new world order, the theme will be to integrate. Leave behind the distortions and disruptions as we heal the human spirit from the inside out.

Mental health is now the biggest issue due to the fact that we have ignored our generational, ancestral, family, parental, educational, economical, tribal, racial and personal pain and trauma. This has been passed down for so long that we cannot contain it any more. Mental health imbalance is the direct consequence of repressed/unresolved issues that implode/explode causing havoc and chaos.

Instead of a person dealing with their pain/hurt/trauma/confusion, therapy and healing are considered taboo especially on our African Continent. Well, we need to get over ourselves as Therapy is not only necessary – it is the only way to heal ourselves, our continent and our world.

Why is this the only solution? Because we do not understand that our pasts define our present and future. If we do not heal the past wounds our present and future will be filled with pus-oozing, painful lives.

To change the future we must heal the past. There is no other way out.
Please know that superficial, partial healing will not suffice. People have to be ready to dive in, look at the injured parts and heal them fully. Band-aid solutions do not work.

Are you ready to heal yours?

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3 responses to “I Am Whole and Complete As I Am!”

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  2. p'tah says:

    Wow. Short, powerful and to the point. I must second that point about generational issues – the whole lot of them. Expectations about life and the reality don’t match, which sends many young adults into stress and depression. I have a theory that the prevalent mental health issues in the world today might be an indication of impending and inevitable change to how we live on earth…. but it’s just a theory.

  3. latest post says:

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