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How to Write a Personal Vision Statement

You may be wondering; what is a vision statement? Why is it so personal?  If it’s so personal, why do institutions ask for it? Does it increase my chances of getting that job?

Not to worry, we have the answers to all these questions. A personal vision statement is a brief summary of yourself and the goals that you want to attain. This summary should include the key attributes that will enable you to achieve your end goals. There is really no perfect way to write a personal statement since this is a document that varies according to what it is being used for. However, there are a few things you should include to ensure it comes out outstanding.

1.    Who are you?

The first thing that you should include in your personal statement is who you are. You want to give off the impression that you are aware of your interests, abilities, strengths, skills;  and that you are an impeccable candidate for that job, that school or that internship. However, avoid clichés and generic information, remember this is personal, there are no cheat codes. In addition to that, do not mention your flaws. I am not saying to be over the top, but it is advisable to refrain from portraying your weaknesses to your superiors. Lastly, do not include unnecessary personal information, I promise, mentioning your five CATS will not get you in.

2.    What can you offer?

What do you have that they will benefit from? What are you bringing on the table? As much as this statement is about you, at the end of the day it is really about them and what they can gain from hiring or accepting you into their institution. That being said, sell yourself. Why you? Include skills and abilities that are relevant to the job or the course. If the job needs somebody with leadership skills, be exactly that. Put down previous work experiences or hobbies you have participated in in the past that showed that you can be a team leader. Use your past experiences to express your ideal candidacy.

3.    Why do you want this spot?

 Why does this role appeal to you? How are your goals aligned to this job or school? You want to look goal-oriented and focused. For this reason, you should include your goals and your ambitions in the personal statement. Aside from that, you should also let them know why you applied for this position. Why them? Linking these two will let them know that you know what you want. This is an exchange, help them help you.

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