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How to Redeem Gift Cards Today

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Unlike conventional gift objects, you have to redeem gift cards to enjoy them.

Giftpesa e-vouchers are accepted in more than 1,500 outlets in Nairobi alone, so when it comes to redemption, the array of choice is dizzying. In this article, we will look at the process of redeeming a digital gift card.

Thank the sender

If you are receiving a digital gift card, then there’s a good chance that the gifting is happening remotely. There’s no chance for the gift sender to find out your reaction by, say, watching your face light up in glee. To communicate your appreciation for the gift, a thank-you message might be necessary.

So, before you can even think of how to redeem the gift card, text, call or email the sender. Even if you don’t have much to say, a simple “thank you” will suffice. Expression of gratitude is not compulsory, but it completes the gifting process by letting the sender know that their warm regards have been appreciated.

Find redemption partners

One defining feature of digital gifting is that you can only redeem gift cards at designated outlets. While this might feel like a limitation, gift cards usually have a sufficient number of options to choose from. Giftpesa e-vouchers, for example, can be redeemed from any one of 1,500 outlets all around the country.

Simply visit the Giftpesa website to scroll through the list of vendors. This might actually give you a few ideas on the kind of gift you’d like to get.

Decide what you want

The special thing about redeeming gift cards is that you get to decide what to get yourself. As such, the gift you get is limited only by the voucher amount and your imagination. Or, more realistically, the redemption marketplace offered by the gift card seller. Naturally, some gift cards are more constrained in their redemption than others.

This is not a problem with Giftpesa, which gives you a very wide selection of some of the biggest retailers in Kenya. The list includes Carrefour, Naivas, Java, Shell, among others, with speciality outlets like House of Leather and Furniture Palace to give you even more options.

The redemption process

The process of redeeming a gift card is very straightforward once you decide what you want to buy. Your Giftpesa gift card operates like a digital wallet containing X amount of credits. As long as an outlet has an electronic payment system (a Till Number), you can use your Giftpesa e-voucher to pay for items.

According to Giftpesa, the process of redemption is as simple as dialing *483*18# on your mobile phone. This shows you your Giftpesa balance and gives you the option to pay for items by keying in the Till Number of your selected outlet. It isn’t much different from paying for goods or services with your M-Pesa.

Because Giftpesa allows for partial redemption, you can also add your own funds to top up during purchases. Many retailers don’t mind how you pay them as long as you pay the full amount. As such, you can top up with any form of currency, from cash to mobile money.


To properly redeem gift cards, you need to understand all the terms and conditions. These are set by the sender and may include designating special redemption points, a special redemption window, among other terms. The most important is the daily limit and the validity of the voucher.

The daily limit of a Giftpesa gift card is equivalent to that allowed by the mobile money network used to redeem a gift card. For example, 70,000 shillings is the limit while using M-Pesa, so this is the maximum amount you can redeem using your Safaricom line in a day.

Giftpesa vouchers should be redeemed in their entirety by the end of 12 months from the date of receipt. If at the end of one year the gift voucher hasn’t been spent, the remaining amount becomes inactive. To reactivate it requires the authorization of the sender.

When you redeem gift cards, you get the opportunity to select your own gift on someone else’s budget. This gives you the freedom to shop around, try out different things, and select what best serves your needs. However, the process can become an anxiety-inducing incident if not carried out properly. It’s our hope that with these simple guidelines, you can now enjoy the full advantages of a Giftpesa gift card.

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