How to Buy E-vouchers Online and Disburse Them

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The future of the world is, without a doubt, a blaze of digital connectivity making life easier and happier for everyone. It might seem like we are pretty deep now with our gadgets and our social medias and M-Pesa, but what about when smart homes and smart cars and all the rave of smart tech that is now transforming the first world reaches Kenya proper?

Gift-giving is just one small aspect of human life on earth, but it is one of the most meaningful. From the highest levels of world geopolitics to interpersonal work-related gifting and the more subtle art of romantic gifting, giving something valuable to someone has always been a very effective way to communicate.

In a digital world, gift-giving has been changing as well. Digital tools have helped to solve one big problem of gift-giving – the appeal of a gift. For all the good intentions behind it, you could actually offend someone with a well-thought-out gift. That’s simply because you can’t predict how they will interpret (the secret message behind) the gift. 

Buying e-vouchers online allows you to gift others in a way that is non-intrusive, appreciative, and stress-free for both parties.

How to buy e-vouchers online

The secret to sending an e-voucher gift is to know the options available for redeeming the coupon. When it comes to an e-voucher, you understand that what’s important in a gift is the value you are transferring to the receiver. So, rather than spend hours wracking your mind over what she or he might like, why not buy e-vouchers online? 

Your Giftpesa e-voucher is a gift card worth “so and so amount” to be redeemed by the receiver at any one of 1,500 conveniently located retail outlets around Nairobi. This kind of flexibility extends to the partial use of the voucher. The receiver has the option to spend the money all at once or a little at a time.

The Giftpesa platform can be accessed as easily as dialling a contact on your phone. All it requires is a connection to M-Pesa or Airtel Money, the contact number of the receiver, and enough credit in your account. When you verify the details and confirm, the receiver gets the gift instantly, regardless of the distance.

Gifting at the click of a button

E-vouchers like Giftpesa make for the perfect gift because they don’t require wrapping or shipping. It is gifting at the click of a button. It is the redefined gift of the digital age where the receiver gets to choose their own gift. But that does not mean that it does not require the same level of thought to pull off.  Just because you are doing it online does not make the gifting process any less political.

How to disburse an e-voucher

A good gift voucher gives the user total freedom to spend the voucher amount however they please. But this is not always the case. Even today, some e-vouchers are simply digitized versions of store-based promotional vouchers that are limited in use. And if we are being honest, that gift card that you must spend at that one shop before a specific date fills you with a tiny speck of annoyance at the back of your mind.   

As the gift-giver, Giftpesa allows you to avoid giving that pain to the receiver. Giftpesa vouchers are redeemable at a dizzying selection of supermarkets, restaurants, salons, petrol stations, even electronics shops. This makes it one of the most flexible and effective methods of gifting in Nairobi today.

The message that goes with it

While the gift itself communicates value, the accompanying message communicates sentiment. With the simplicity of sending an e-voucher, the accompanying message becomes even more important.

Giftpesa’s corporate package gives you get the opportunity to accompany your e-voucher with a personalized message for the receiver. This can be a great way of client appreciation, something to help you maintain good relations especially critical for service businesses. A call, text, or WhatsApp message sent along with your Giftpesa e-voucher gives you a great opportunity to make a connection. That personal note telling the receiver that you appreciate them and wish them the best goes a long way. In fact, it is just as important as the voucher itself.

Specialized gifting solutions

Giftpesa offers both individual and corporate gift solutions, each one suited for its special respective needs. In the corporate world, a brief message to accompany the voucher goes a long way.  

When it comes to personal gift-giving, Giftpesa lays the emphasis on the longevity of the e-voucher (no expiry) along with ease of sending and use.  The 1,500 outlets available for redemption are available for both corporate and individual vouchers.

In a savvy world, you have to be savvy with the way you give gifts as well. When you buy e-vouchers online, you get a whole suite of gifting solutions for all kinds of uses, available to you at the swipe of the finger. That is the gift of Giftpesa.    

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