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How to Balance Long Term Vision and Short Term Execution to Achieve your Dreams

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Every dreamer struggles to reconcile what they need to do right now and what they want to achieve in the future. Short and long term goals differ in one very important aspect, and that is time. Less time to complete a task requires greater efficiency which most beginners simply don’t have.  

On the other hand, long-term dreams almost inspire laziness. They are usually huge, often complex, and seldom easy to do. They require long introspection to just figure out HOW to get down to action.

Long term dreams can only be achieved by breaking them down into smaller tasks. In similar fashion, short term execution works best when it is meant to beat a path to greater things. To succeed, you don’t have to get better at short term execution or long term vision – you need to nail both.

Most importantly, you need to figure out how these two concepts play out in your day-to-day activities.

Vision is freeing & exciting

Within the set bounds of nature, you can do anything or be anything you ever dreamed of. Our dreams are those ideals that we refuse to let the world rob from us, however cruel it gets. No one can put a capper on how much you can dream. In this way, you really do set your own limits.

Your vision is the fuel that powers your dreams. Chances are, you could talk about your vision for hours even if you are not a talkative person. It is THE thing. Nothing matters more.

Hold on to that feeling. You are going to need it ahead.

Execution is hard, complicated & resource-reliant

Dreams lose their attraction when it comes to putting those lofty ideas into practice. It gets technical. You figure out what you don’t know – what you don’t have. You fail.

You need to have all the right tools, resources, skills, and time to work on your dreams. It’s too hard. It cannot be done. The whole game is rigged.

These are not just excuses. It’s a valid truth. The game is rigged against those who don’t have the money to be whoever they want to be. It’s just the truth. Maybe someone decided to make it so or maybe it’s the natural way of the world.

But as a dreamer, what sets you apart is that you will NEVER let this truth keep you down.

Don’t get trapped in this vortex of uncertainty and doubt. If you feel your dreams have become too naïve, transform them into ambitions. That will take care of that.

Vision is what you want

If you are a dreamer, you probably have a very good idea of what you want. If it is the money, or the accolades, or the recognition – you know. The only problem comes when you try to get that reward. The only reason why you keep failing to get it is that you haven’t worked for it yet.

Only one thing standing between the dreamer and his/her dreams – action. As soon as you are ready to start bridging this gap, you will be ready for the right opportunities to start acquiring what you desire.  

Execution is what you can

Any successful person will confirm this – dreams are best tackled as microtasks. Whether it is a business plan you have to write or an office you have to visit, it is easier to tick off smaller tasks than larger ones.

More importantly, execution limits you to what you do know how to do. If you don’t know how to do something, then you will have to pay someone to do it for you. Execution is what gives your skills and talents value.

Your vision defines your execution

At the end of the day, the vision is what ties it all together. All the things that you are doing to achieve your dreams are held together by that dream. When things seem tough, you can often get new strength simply from reminding yourself of the bigger picture. It gives all the running around and micro-tasking some meaning.

Because tasks are broken down from the greater vision, it follows that the vision permeates every aspect of your execution. If you are having trouble with your execution, start by assessing your vision. Does it still serve you as it should?  Does it need to be tweaked?

Constantly evaluate your vision to keep it in line with your personal beliefs and desires.  

The execution precedes vision

Execution is where dreams come true. But as I have mentioned before, execution is intricately tied up with the vision. You can only do as well as your vision allows/compels you to. If your vision has holes in it, your execution will probably fail to give you the outcomes you desire.

At the same time, a good vision is important, but good execution is more important. On its own, execution will still get you somewhere. It might not be where you wanted to go, but you still get someplace. On the other hand, a vision minus action will NEVER get you anywhere.

Vision gets you through the hard times

A visionary is able to read the market and anticipate changes before they occur. This allows dreamers to position themselves in the market and reap maximum gains. Furthermore, a good vision enables you to position yourself in the market best suited for your particular product/service.  

Execution gets you through all the times

Because execution is how you put a good plan/vision to action, it is needed in every stage. This is the actual work we do, whether it be writing, laying bricks, or practicing law. How well you do what you do determines your level of success, however strategically you are positioned in the market.

The key:  Merge vision and execution

Successful people are those who have been able to merge their vision with their actions and to create a system around it. It’s this system that keeps them going even in the toughest of times.

Finally, you have to maintain a good balance of each to navigate hard financial times. If life was a ship deep in the ocean, the vision is the radar and the execution is the steering wheel. Don’t they say that  you are the captain of your own ship?  

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