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Girl Child, This Is Your Time, Arise and Shine!

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The future is looking brighter for every girl child out here, the trick is to dream big. Click To Tweet

Cher, an American singer, actress, and television personality, in a 1946 interview with Jane Palley, talked about her mum’s advice when it comes to settling down, “…my mum said to me, one day you should settle down and marry a rich man, and I said, mum I am a rich man.” Many took her point out of context. Cher, in essence, was saying she didn’t need to marry a rich man to be rich. She was already rich.

In truth, everyone should have their own riches, whatever this may mean to them. Nonetheless, when it comes to women, economic empowerment is the bedrock.

Women are making history across the African continent. We’ve witnessed women step into big roles in the past months. The first female president in East Africa, her Excellency Samia Hassan Suluhu. The first woman and the first African to lead World Trade Organization, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. And in Kenya, the first female chief justice, Lady Justice Martha Karambu Koome. It’s fascinating that women are making huge strides in different sectors.

The future is looking brighter for every girl child out here, the trick is to dream big.

So, how do women step up to the challenge and explore the opportunities in the areas of their interest?

Own your power

This is the century we’ve all been waiting for. We can finally put the imposter syndrome to bed and explore our expertise unapologetically. Why? Women have been successful in leading nations, communities, and households for decades. It’s time for the girl child to reach within and tap into the resilience we’ve built and the experience we’ve acquired.

Owning your power also alludes to knowing your worth. It’s only by knowing that you are good enough in your role that you can continuously deliver the best. So unleash the talent, knowledge, and skills you’ve sat on and let the world know what you’re about.

Challenge expectations

Your life was mapped out for you from a young age. Somehow, unconsciously you are pursuing that path without question. But the real question is, is what you are doing currently what you really want to pursue?

Be okay with being the odd one out. Be comfortable with being different. Challenge “truths” about what a woman should and shouldn’t do. It’s only by charting a path for yourself that you can truly live a life that’s worthwhile. Don’t just live. Thrive.

Be a lifelong learner

Learning is a continuous lifelong process that shouldn’t end. So, stay in school, learn new skills. Train for the job that will give you and your loved ones a better future. Take advantage of relevant seminars and education opportunities that come your way. Stay on top of the game by learning about the new trends in your industry. This way you’ll build your confidence and become an indispensable member of your team.

Connect across industries

Build an effective network within and outside your industry. Seek to create open, deep, and diverse networks. Networking will also help you find mentors, role models, and even sponsors that can help take your career, business, or education to the next level.

Never settle

Once you’ve accomplished a goal, it’s time to set the next one. Let the next goal be more ambitious than the previous one. Be relentless. Demand nothing but excellence from yourself.

You have everything you need to succeed. You only need to believe it and keep striving for the best. Remember, there’s always room for improvement, so make sure your growth is towards something tangible.

Successful women never settle. Neither should you.

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