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9 Powerful Counterintuitive Quotes

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Power of Quotes

Recently, I have been reading a lot of quotes. I find that quotes are powerful since they can encapsulate life experiences in very few words. As I read and meditated on the wisdom in the quotes, I wanted to share it with you.
Unfortunately, I had close to 250 quotes to share. I am not sure you want to read 250 quotes.

I, therefore, decided to go through the process of boiling them down. It was a painful, heartbreaking process as every quote I crossed out felt like I was leaving out vital wisdom that I should share. On second thought, one of the quotes said, life is not about how many, how much, or how long. It is about the quality of the experience.

Significance of number 9

Therefore, I chose nine quotes that I am confident will make you think. These quotes are counterintuitive and span over a broad range of life.

In the Kikuyu culture, the number nine symbolises completion. Surprisingly, it represents the same thing in numerology. It is the last digit in the cardinal numbers representing the highest value. Symbolically it represents the culmination of wisdom and experience, and an entry to new life and new knowledge, bringing to attention the cyclical nature of life. The wisdom and experience are due to having weathered many storms.

Why these 9 Quotes?

The authors of these quotes, I believe, embody the symbolism of the number 9. Their lives have culminated in a wealth of wisdom and experience.

I thought of having a brief explanation of the quote, but the truth is I am inadequate; the wealth in the quotes is beyond me.

Find yourself a quiet place and read through them one by one. Meditate for a while, and you might gain invaluable insight.

9 Powerful Counterintuitive Quotes

1. Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than they who produce them, for these, only gave them life, those, the art of living well. – Aristotle

2. We learn not in school but in life. – Seneca

3. I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think. – Socrates

4. You should not honour men more than truth. – Plato

5. You can commit injustice by doing nothing. – Marcus Aurelius

6. Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions- not outside. – Marcus Aurelius

7. People are frugal in guarding their personal property, but as soon as it comes to squandering time, they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy. – Seneca

8. It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much. The life we receive is not short, but we make it so; we are not ill-provided, but we use what we have wastefully. – Seneca

9. The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. – Socrates

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