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8 Tips to Help You Go About Job Hunting Without Losing Yourself

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Job hunting can be overwhelmingly discouraging, especially if all you’re getting are regret emails and silence from recruiters. The feeling skyrockets when you log in to LinkedIn and your feed is flooded with, ‘I’m excited to announce that I started a new position at xyz company’ posts. If you are a job seeker on the verge of losing yourself, here are a few tips on how to stay sane while at it.

Manage your expectations

You have to remain hopeful and expectant while applying for jobs. I get that. However, it becomes a challenge when you expect a positive outcome out of every application you send. One thing my mentor taught me is to apply, forget and move on. Life doesn’t stop because you received a regret. Manage your expectations by being open-minded about the results.

Be intentional in applying for jobs

So you’ve read the job description, and sure enough, you ticked every box. You are the perfect candidate, voila! You make the effort to apply and take a pause. Every morning, you make a stopover at your inbox, only to find nothing in your email. Having confidence is good. In fact, you need it to ace any application. However, a single application might not land you a job. You have to keep applying, at least two jobs in a day. The more you apply consistently, the more you heighten your chances of getting an opportunity.

Get a professional CV revamp

You’ve probably heard recruiters say that your CV is your first impression to the employer. Then there’s a cover letter. These two documents, in most cases, earn you a ticket to the interview. A poorly written CV and cover letter locks you out of job opportunities. Therefore, it is advisable that you find a professional to revamp the two documents for you. Alternatively, if you can’t afford to pay for such services, approach your peers who’re a step ahead in their careers to help you edit your CV.

Put your connections in the loop

Do your contacts know that you are searching for a job? If not, you need to share that information with them. Keeping them in the loop will help them support you during this season of joblessness. They could forward opportunities to you, recommend you somewhere, or even hire you! I’ve seen people post on LinkedIn to let their networks know that they are looking for jobs, and they came back with testimonials that they landed a job. Well, this takes some courage considering that we all like to put our best foot forward. I am not saying you should do the same thing, but if it gets there, then do it.

Seek guidance from a mentor

The best thing that can happen to any young professional is having a mentor. I like to call them pathfinders. Mentors are guardian angels. They’ll tow you when you get stuck. A mentor will advise you on what companies to apply to, how to be effective in your application, and sometimes link you up to an opportunity. Mentors can be sourced from your previous place of work, close relations, or on platforms like LinkedIn. Let someone light your path.

Level up

What are you doing between that period of job searching and finally getting a job? This gap could be as long as months, years, or even weeks. It is the perfect moment to take up an online course, volunteer somewhere, or learn a new skill. Feed the tree that you are with the right nutrients, otherwise, you’ll suffer stunted growth. Leveling up in various ways makes you unrivaled against other candidates.

Find a hobby

When you are in a state of unemployment, your mind might become preoccupied with it. Immersing yourself in a hobby can be a good distraction. What is that one thing you like doing? I love to write and read fiction. I get lost in these activities when job hunting threatens to take a toll on me. Find something you enjoy doing and have some fun. Take care of a plant, go to the gym, start a do-it-yourself project, or anything.

Take a break

Avoid burnout while job hunting by pressing that pause button. Being intentional doesn’t mean you should stay fixated on your laptop, scanning for jobs and sending applications from dawn to dusk. Don’t overdo it for your health’s sake. Take a walk, grab a glass of water or coffee, embark on your hobby or something else. Taking breaks will help you stay collected in the middle of all the exhaustion from job hunting.

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