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7 Lessons We Learnt in 2020

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We’ve learnt to appreciate those around us and what we have, most of which we took for granted.   Click To Tweet

The year 2020 has been tough for many of us. The coronavirus pandemic shifted our perception about a lot of things. Along the way, we’ve learnt what’s really valuable. And so, as the year ends, it’s time to acknowledge how far we’ve come. Hopefully, the lessons learnt during these tough times will be our reference point in the years to come. 

Tomorrow is unknown

You can tell tomorrow is Friday, but you can’t really be sure of what to expect. When the year started, many of us had watertight plans on what we wanted to accomplish. Little did we know that the year was going to take a different turn. And so when coronavirus disrupted our normal, we were left unsure of what to do. Our big plans suddenly came crumbling down. 

As I reflect back, the one thing that stood out for me is that we cannot be completely full proof, no matter how much we’ve planned for uncertainties. With this in mind, it has become clear that we shouldn’t postpone our happiness tomorrow when we can enjoy it today. 

Yes, tomorrow is promising, but it’s unknown. Let’s enjoy every day as it comes. Instead of holding grudges, forgive, and let go. Laugh, enjoy, love, and find peace. Live in the present. 

Health is wealth

Health is wealth is a phrase that has been around for centuries. However, the depth of this saying truly hit home when the World Health Organization started the #HealthyAtHome campaign to encourage people to eat right, stay active, and look into their mental health. It turns out all the things that we often neglect play a major role in boosting our immune system. 

We’ve learned firsthand that healthy eating is not just a fad. It’s critical for a healthy lifestyle and warding off diseases. Exercise, which many of us had relegated to the bottom of healthy practices, proved equally important during this time. Basking in the sun, enjoying the fresh air and regular stroll, were part of the things we took for granted. However, with the insights on the role that sunlight exposure and staying active plays in minimising the risk of respiratory diseases, we’ve changed our perspective. 

This is the year we are more cautious about our health than ever. A slight cough, a headache, or a sore throat would have us rushing to the nearest health facility instead of the usual habit of giving it time to see if it goes away. 

And so, as we work hard to boost our immune system, staying hydrated, maintaining a clean diet full of fruits, greens, and natural spices, and exercising has become part of our lifestyle. 

We are stronger than we think

When the coronavirus hit the world, everything came to a standstill. For a moment, we were engulfed in fear and uncertainty. However, we quickly regrouped and rose to the occasion. In no time, companies shifted to working from home. Governments came up with measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Coronavirus awareness campaigns went viral online.  

As the days passed, it was imminent that there was more to be done to enhance safety, and so we quickly adjusted to the new normal. In no time, schools were online, businesses shifted online, and webinars were the new ways to conduct office meetings. 

As social beings, social distancing, lockdown, and isolation could have shattered us, but we came out stronger than we went in. Masks are now part of our dress code. Washing hands and sanitation quickly became the norm. With every challenge, humanity came up with measures that helped us cope better. 

At a personal level, we’ve resorted to lean spending, reduced movement, and being our brothers’ keepers. Communities have come together to support those who lost their livelihood because of coronavirus. We’ve diversified our sources of income and reinvented alternative ways of staying afloat. 

Importance of family and true friendship

Family and friends have been the source of strength for many during these tough times. The constant communication to check if everything is fine is comforting. Financial support has also come in handy as people lost their jobs, some went for months without salary, and others had their salary halved.

The blessing of parents is a big deal. When things got tough, some families sent their children to the village as parents ventured out to look for a means of survival. Other families moved in with their siblings and friends to minimise the cost of living. We’ve created strong bonds with others and let go of relations that were not serving us. 

We’ve learned the importance of family and friends. Those we took for granted and the ones we cherished stuck around despite the hard times. They’ve been our source of emotional strength and financial support. 


The year 2020 has humbled us to the core. Today you are at the top of the world enjoying life with all its pleasures, and tomorrow you lose the job or the business. Today you are healthy, and tomorrow you are on your deathbed. 

We’ve learned that no profession is too small and no contribution too insignificant. We’ve got help from people we least expected. This year made it clear that no one is fully prepared for tomorrow. We’ve learned the importance of respecting others despite their position, acknowledging others’ contribution no matter how small, and above all, being humble. 

The importance of savings

We were taught the importance of saving in class, but most of us never really implemented them as we should. When the pandemic struck, and people lost their livelihood, some resorted to their savings as they looked for a way forward. There were others who didn’t have any savings, and therefore we left to their fate. We’ve known that as much as it’s important to enjoy today. It’s equally important to save. 

Gratitude and appreciation 

Tough times often elicit complaints. However, beyond the cry of this being a terrible year. We’ve resorted to thanksgiving. Every day that we are not infected with the coronavirus has been a blessing. It has been pure joy to have food on the table. The fact that our loved ones are healthy is something to be grateful for. We’ve learned to appreciate those around us and what we have, most of which we took for granted.  

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