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10 Reasons Why You Should Make Reading a Daily Habit

10 Reasons Why You Should Read a Book Daily

When did you last read a book? Reading a book is one of the things that go into our new year’s resolution list because somewhere at the back of our mind we know there’s some importance to it. But how exactly does reading add value to our life? That’s the question that this article intends to answer. Let’s look at ten reasons why you should take this noble practice seriously. 

Improves your memory

Every book comes with different characters, plot, background and theme. As you read, the new knowledge you gain connects to what you already know, strengthening your brain neurons. The more you read, the more the images you form in your brain prompt your brain neurons to connect and get stronger. In the long run, you’ll increase your memory power which translates to improved short term and long-term memory.

Stimulates your mind

Reading is to the brain what physical exercise is to the body. Reading keeps your brain active and engaged. Research shows that reading books, doing puzzles, and playing games like chess keeps the brain healthy, helps with cognitive stimulation and delays Dementia and Alzheimer. 

Reduces stress

One thing about books is that you get completely carried away in the story. You can detach yourself from the present stressful situation and lose yourself in the storyline. As the plot unfolds, you become part of it and feel the character’s emotion. If it’s an interesting article, it distracts you from the present and opens up a window of new possibilities. Books allow you to step into a new world, relax and escape your problems temporarily. 

Improves concentration and focus

In the fast-paced world, we are often drawn to do multiple things at a go. On average, one will be working on the laptop, checking Twitter updates, chatting with a friend on Whatsapp while simultaneously checking email updates. While doing these things concurrently might seem like killing two birds with one stone, it isn’t. It adds stress and limits your ability to focus on one thing efficiently. When you are reading a book, it’s impossible to multitask. You can only focus on the book, which increases your concentration level and focus. 

Expands your vocabulary

Reading exposes you to new vocabulary. It improves your language, and before you know it, these words are part of your everyday vocabulary. In the long run, reading a book improves your communication skills, helping you become more eloquent and confident in your speech. 

Better writing skills

As you expose yourself to a variety of genres and writing styles, you learn from experienced authors. The uniqueness of each author’s style will ultimately influence your writing. It’s the same analogy of how artists borrow techniques from other artists. 

Challenges your imagination

Reading transports you to another world. You visualize and see the characters, put yourself in their shoes and live their lives. As you read, you are exploring your imagination because every sentence, word and phrase creates an image in your mind. Reading daily will help spark your creativity and enhance your imagination. 

Increases your knowledge in areas of interest

This is obvious. The more you read, the more you increase your knowledge in your areas of interest. Books talk about different topics, whether scientific breakthroughs, world history, global events or literature. Everything you read about adds up to the information you already have. 

The new bits of information will come in handy when you least expect. You’ll also be better equipped to see things from different angles, thereby enhancing your problem-solving skills. 

Stronger analytical skills

Sometimes when you read a book, you can predict the turn of events and even how the story ends. Your thinking and analytical skills are stimulated when you read, allowing you to analyze and predict the result with ease. These problem-solving skills often come in handy in real life when least expected.


Every book has a story to tell. You can enjoy countless storylines from different parts of the world. Your options are unlimited! 

You can opt for low budget books. You can also find many free ebooks online to get started on your reading spree and harness the power of reading a book daily

So, dive deep and enjoy the diverse options: young adult books, fashion magazines, self-help guide, poetry, romance novels, biographies, classical literature, religious texts and mystery and many more. It’s time to take some time off the screen to do something different.

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