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Don’t Look Outside Yourself: You are the One You’ve Been Waiting for

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I recently read a quote that said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” I had to read it over and over again because it hit different each time. In the end, it cleared a lot of questions that had been lingering on my mind for quite some time. Yes, I knew I was the driver of my life. But you know, there are those times in life that you decide to take the co-driver’s seat, and hope and pray that someone will jump in and drive you to your destination. I was there.

I waited and waited and waited. When I was almost giving up, someone finally showed up. It turned out they were lazy. They procrastinated all my schedules and set me up for a huge failure. Worse, this person neither knew the destination, nor the route to take us there. That quote stirred and woke me up from the co-driver’s seat. I jumped back behind the wheel.

I realised, for the gazillionth time, that we have the power to birth everything we desire. We can let go of all the negative energy, things, and people who drain our energy. No one can help us run our lives but us.

It’s time you start doing and stop waiting.

Stop waiting

Don’t wait. Get up and get what you want. If it’s a job, start applying. If it’s a business, step up and seek funding. Suppose you want to go back to school, go ahead and enroll. Learn. Don’t wait for your uncle, sister, or friends to link you up. You can equally conquer your dream without the connections you think are vital for your success.

There’s no one coming to save you. No one is coming to address your problems. Your fate is solely in your hands. Stop waiting and start doing whatever you have to do to have the life you want to have. Start pursuing your dream now!

Change yourself, not others

Friendships, intimate relationships, and family ties are often compromised because of the perception that those around us should think like us, and be what we want them to be. When they don’t align with us, we work so hard to change them. The more we coerce them to join our school of thought, the more deviant they become because they are their own person. In the long run, we become more frustrated, walking around with a long face, striving to gather sympathy votes from anyone who cares to listen.

In the same breath, there are high chances you blame everyone else except yourself when things go wrong at work, in a relationship, or in business. But if you reflect back, you’ll realise you are the common denominator. There could be things you need to change about yourself.

Strive to be a better person. Don’t struggle to change others’ behaviour so they can make you happy. If you want happiness, let it come from you. Others will only add to your joy.


Your whole life lies in your hands. No one can make it better or worse except you. Change your attitude, perceptions, and habits. Be deliberate.

The best way to get your mind to commit is to set goals. Write down traits of the person you want to become and read them out loud. Note down actionable activities you are going to do in order to reach your goals. Review your goals and accompanying activities often to remind yourself what you need to do to be the person you want to become.

Remember, though small, everyday choices define your entire life. Cumulatively, they shape your future in ways you can never fathom. That one minute you spend on Twitter instead of responding to an email could cost you. That message you ignored because you were “busy” could have been your breakthrough.

Break out of complacency! There’s always something you could do to become better in all areas of your life. So, don’t just sit there. Start small. Do something. You’ll see great results if you become persistent.

Stay the course

It won’t help if you do a healthy eating regimen for only one week and then lapse back to junk foods. If you decide to work at something, stay the course—your health, education, finances, family, investments, and anything that means something.

If you go to class, you have to read every day and revise your course work to pass. A doctor will give medication, but you need to take the medicine as prescribed and believe that you’ll get well. In anything you do, you have a role to play. Take it seriously. Give it your all. You’ll only polish your craft if you are committed to improving your skills at every stage.

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