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Built by Women For Women: 7 Apps That Help Women to Lead Safer, More Empowered Lives

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The empowerment of women has gained momentum in the past few years. From grassroots organizations to multinational corporations, there is a wide range of initiatives that focus on issues affecting women. Thanks to technology, the help is getting nearer to the women who need it the most. This era has witnessed the rise of women empowerment apps, which are accessible to any woman with a smartphone.

In this article, we walk you through seven of such apps among many others that focus on women’s health and well-being. These apps cover everything from reproductive health, to social support, to ending the stigma of menstruation.


FemConnect is a South African innovation created to help women and girls in matters of reproductive health. The mobile app was created by Asonele Kotu, who, after giving birth to her first child, was shocked by the limited number of contraceptives available. To solve this challenge, Asonele created FemConnect to give women options when it comes to contraceptives.

Users sign up on the app and fill a questionnaire used for pre-diagnosis to find out any preexisting medical conditions and lifestyle habits. An in-house medical practitioner then reviews the pre-diagnosis form before giving the user the available contraceptive options. The app helps women cut costs that involve consultation and transport to health facilities. FemConnect works in collaboration with both public and private hospitals.

Moreover, FemConnect also aims to reduce the number of South African girls who miss school every month because of menstrual periods. The platform connects girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with donors who offer pads, tampons, and other pads alternatives. The donors can also offer a gift box with an assortment of pads, soap, lotion, and other basic things that a girl would need.

Report it! Stop it!

You’ll be interested in noting that this is the first app of its kind in Kenya. Report it! Stop it! is a brainchild of Flone Initiative, an organization that works towards creating a safe public transport space for women and vulnerable groups in Africa. The application is a monitory tool that allows users to report cases of sexual harassment and assault. However, it does not provide medical emergency in case of sexual assault.

The app seeks to map out sexual harassment hot spots in the public transport system, and connecting/social spaces in the country. The report then serves to informs the government, city authorities, and civil societies on the situation. They can therefore take the initiative to improve safety.


Mobile Alliance Maternal Action (MAMA) is a mobile-based program that works with women with low income, from low-income countries. The initiative provides pregnant women with vital information through SMS and voice messages about their health during pregnancy.

The users sign up with their due date, and the program will provide relevant information as the pregnancy advances. MAMA advises women (pregnant and new mothers) about antenatal care, birth plans, and childcare in four countries: South Africa, India, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.


SafePal is an innovation from a group of young Ugandans. It is a platform where users can report cases of sexual violence and find the nearest health facility. The health facility would then get a notification and reach out to the user. SafePal is a safe haven where victims of sexual violence can share their ordeal without fear of judgment or being misunderstood.

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Lulu’s Journey

This is an educational application that is based on storytelling. The users follow Lulu, a female character, through her journey as her first period starts. Users learn about menstruation, menstruation hygiene, and female reproductive organs. Lulu’s Journey has a feature similar to Candy Crush, but instead of lives, jellyfish, and candy, users win pads and diva cups.


findSisterhood is a safe space for women to share without judgment. Users can share their stories and comment anonymously, or use their names if comfortable. Because of the anonymity, users can seek advice on a wide range of issues, from domestic violence, to sexual assault, to dating. They can be real with their thoughts and feelings without feeling embarrassed.

Watch Over Me

The founder of Watch Over Me, Xin-Ci Chin, is a rape survivor. She created the app to help women stay safe. A user can tell the app to watch over them for a specific period. The app tracks your location. You can also add pictures or videos of your location. If the duration you’ve set elapses before you click “I’m safe,” the app will send an alert to your emergency contacts with your exact location.

It’s interesting to see creativity working to develop apps that solve issues affecting women, and the girlchild. Drop us a comment with the name of any other platform, whether an app or website, that is creatively supporting women and the girlchild. Let’s always be a closely-knit community, here, where we selflessly share valuable information.

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