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Who Are You?

I was watching the movie, Overcomer and something resonated deeply with me! One of the actors asked the basketball coach, “Who are you?  What is your identity?” The coach fumbled for answers, it was like a whole exam!

Today, it should come to our attention that unless you find the answers to these questions, you may never stop fumbling! This being said, I want to ask you, do you know yourself? Do you know your talents, interests and abilities? What exactly is self-awareness? Finding these answers will help you through school, through college, through the world of work- basically, through life!

Self-awareness is the ability to see or have a crystal-clear understanding of who you are as a person. It gives you a chance to reflect on your abilities, strengths, talents, interests and uniqueness. It will help you live a purpose-driven life!

 In career development, self-awareness enables a person to know their skills, interests, talents and motivational areas when making career choices. Why is self-awareness important?  


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