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None of us operate even close to our full capacity. If we did, we'd go well beyond even our wildest dreams. Click To Tweet

Question for you:

What would your life look like if you decided to go as hard as you possibly could? What if you just went for it? What if you just decided today was going to be the day that you stopped BSing yourself and went all-in on a better future?

The level of success you’d be able to achieve would blow your mind. None of us operate even close to our full capacity. If we did, we’d go well beyond even our wildest dreams.

If you put your head down and focused one hundred per cent at a business for years, you’d become a millionaire. Spend your time eating perfectly and following an in-depth workout routine and you’d be able to do pretty much any physical feat aside from playing a professional sport.

Almost everything outside of professional sports and entertainment is possible for you if you took this all-in approach. Of course, you’re not just going to up and change your life this minute because you’re reading these lines, but I want you to think about this over and over again until it sticks.

What is it going to take for you to finally decide that enough is enough? What needs to happen for you to decide that you’re going to shift the trajectory of your life? For me, I was in your position. I felt a bit lost, dipped my toe in the self-improvement water, and eventually decided my life was going to be different.

After that, I took action. Here’s how you can do the same.

Focus on Having a Great Day

This could be a great experiment to try if you happen to get this message early on today. You could live a version of your ideal life in a day.

Maybe you can’t literally do it because you have something like a job in the way, but at least spend time having the best attitude you can possibly have for an entire day and see what happens.

Go as hard as you can at your job. Get some exercise. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read and get 10 pages in. Do some research on that side project you want to start or make progress on the one you’ve already started. Carry a positive attitude throughout the day. No complaining.

On a weekend day where you truly have all the time to yourself, repeat the process but then go ahead and spend the day like you would if you were totally free. Experience what it’s like to have total control over your time and live a version of your dream life in that day. You might have to substitute some things because you don’t have the resources, but that’s fine.

The point of these ideal day exercises is that you build an ideal life through a series of ideal days. You build a better life by having a series of better days. Every person that permanently shifted the trajectory of their life had a ‘day one’ where they got their act together.

For me, I’d purchased this self-improvement course the night before. I woke up, studied lesson one, walked to work, did the best I possibly could on the job while at work, walked home, read a book, and studied a bit more of the course. Just like that, I was at the beginning of a streak of momentum that would go on to last five years and continue to this day.

Build a Streak

The course I took, the 67 Steps by Tai Lopez, was designed to build momentum in your life. According to Tai’s sources, it took roughly 66 days to get a habit to stick. Giving myself a framework and a timeline to improve helped me build a streak. Building a streak creates that positive feedback loop mechanism in your mind to keep going.

I want to stress this to you. All you need to do to change your life is get a good streak going. You want to ‘get hot’ like a basketball player who makes his first few shots. Your confidence will rise and each day will actually be easier to tackle.

I’m starting a new challenge today called 75 hard. 2 workouts per day, clean eating, no alcohol, a gallon of water, and 10 minutes of reading per day for two and a half months straight. Why am I doing it? Because I like the challenge and I’m gearing up for a new streak myself as I’m about to become much more aggressive with my business, including putting out a new mentoring program for you next week by the way.

Any time you want to take your life to a new level, building a streak will help you get there. Not only that, but once you have momentum, your past starts to fade away a little bit more day by day.

Five years later, the ‘old me’ who had no direction in life doesn’t exist. I used to watch T.V. 6-8 hours a day. Now? I literally can’t bring myself to watch that much T.V. at all. Even when I kind of want to, I just can’t. My baseline level of motivation is so high to the point it bothers me when I’m not doing anything and I have a hard time relaxing. Contrast this with the ‘old me’ who smoked weed 7 days a week and didn’t leave the house for days at a time.

You can achieve massive levels of personal transformation through building momentum. So find a way to create a ‘day 1’ that leads into a mini-streak, that leads to the type of streak that can change your life forever.

I did it. And I wish you could see just how extremely lazy I used to be because you’d be inspired to say the least.

You can do it. So, do it.

Trust Me, I Get It

Inertia sucks — that feeling of stagnation and no momentum at all. You feel like it will always be this difficult to motivate yourself, but it won’t. You just have to escape the period of inertia. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

I’ve seen writers who’ve dreamt about building careers just start writing one day and they never stop. Same with people who build businesses that spent a good chunk of their life as an employee with no hope for the future. One day, they pushed that boulder up the hill a bit and didn’t let it roll back down.

I wish I could say everyone that reads my messages is going to change, but that’s not even close to the truth. Only a small handful of you are, but that’s good enough for me because I know how much a small handful of people can get done.

When you compare the total population to all the innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, or just fulfilled and motivated people in general, you’ll find just a handful of people. What do these people have in common?

Honestly, nothing more than the fact that they made a decision at some point in their life that the rules didn’t apply to them. They decided they weren’t going to waste their lives feeling helpless and sorry for themselves. They decided that they were worthy of being able to follow through with their own goals. And they all had a day one.

I hope today is yours.

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