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Top 3 Fitness and Wellness Holiday Trends in Kenya

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When it comes to holidaying, fitness and wellness have become the new trend. 

Instead of the usual indulgence and basking in the sun during a vacation, tourists are finding more meaning in mixing up exotic destinations with workout sessions and wellness activities. These activities can range from yoga sessions, triathlons and marathons, hiking, cycling, and much more. The idea is to stay active over a holiday vacation while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The incredible safari holidays are no longer just about the big five and breathtaking mountain views but a well-structured holiday package that not only takes care of fun activities but also your health and fitness.

The holiday wellness and fitness trends that are taking root in the country include:

1. Yoga retreats

Yoga retreat holidays in Kenya offer a mind-blowing opportunity to relax your body and mind in a serene and scenic environment of your choice. The yoga retreat destinations range from wild safaris to coastal islands to small fishing villages.

The many tour companies that offer yoga retreats either include yoga programs in their travel itinerary or offer them as standalone vacation packages. These retreats can take a day, a week, or can be tailored to suit the duration of your visit.

So, what are your options if you want to incorporate yoga in your wellness and fitness holiday in Kenya? Stay with me to find out.

i. The Lamu yoga festival

The Kenyan coast is a renowned tourist destination famous for its sandy beaches, clear blue waters, rich culture, and luxurious hotels. This is precisely why Lamu makes the perfect fitness and wellness destination for travel enthusiasts passionate about exploring the Kenyan coast while improving their health.

Lamu yoga festival boasts over 150 classes during the five-day long event. The event is open for yogis, beginners and experts alike. The many activities apart from yoga include workshops, dances, swimming, sailing, and hiking in the dunes.

Lamu yoga festival is scheduled for November 17th- November 21st this year. In the meantime, Lamu Yoga continues to offer small retreats because of the travel restrictions.

ii. Watamu treehouse retreat

Watamu treehouse retreat is another coastal destination for those looking to explore the Kenyan coast while maintaining the harmony of body and soul.

The Watamu Treehouse is planted in nature, giving you a life-transforming experience with their sumptuous vegan cuisine, nerve relaxing massage therapy, yoga programs, and nature walks.

Instead of the usual beach walks, you get to relax, rejuvenate, exercise, and truly give your body the care it deserves.

iii. Kanga yoga retreat in Laikipia

Laikipia is in the heart of Kenyan Savannah. This holiday destination gives you more than a scenic view of the Laikipia plains. You’ll have an opportunity to explore the rich Samburu culture, enjoy the wildlife and immerse yourself in Ayurveda and yoga programs that will definitely renew your body and spirit.

iv. Kenya Safari Yoga Retreat in Ol Pejeta Conservancy

This is the ultimate fitness and wellness holiday recipe for yoga enthusiasts. The luxury of Ol Pejeta Conservancy comes with a special yoga program, night game drives, game viewing, and lion tracking. You get to explore the wilderness as you enjoy yoga in the bushes among Kenya’s gem, the big five.

2. Running holidays

Kenya is known as the home of champions. We are athletes (at least some of us are). In this same spirit, running holidays are taking root in the country. The running sessions offer locals and tourists an opportunity to traverse the country and enjoy the adventures the different regions have to offer.

Running holidays range from triathlons to marathons. You can join for fun, to practice for an upcoming event, or to lose weight and keep fit. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to run on the same tracks renowned Kenyan world athletes use or, even better, meet them in person.

Since the running camps and the running holidays are in different parts of the country, every event is a new opportunity to enjoy unique destinations, explore new landscapes and savour nature’s beauty at its best.

3. Wildlife Wellness and Fitness Holiday

Going to parks to see animals is brilliant. But what if there’s more to it than feeding the giraffes or tracking the lions? Wildlife wellness and fitness holidays are taking the wild experience a notch higher.

Exercising in the wild, cycling in the dusty tracks, hiking, and short mountain climbing is not only good for your health but also a great way to enjoy the panoramic view of the most magnificent hills in the country and wild vegetation.

Wellness and fitness holidays are reshaping the holiday scene. These new trends are helping you relax and engage in activities that boost your health. In the long run, you stand to gain more in a single wellness and fitness holiday trip than a regular holiday vacation.

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