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The Wise Do Not Wait for the Government to Save Them

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Sometimes I feel like I’m literally going to go blue in the face talking about this so often, but the message is so important it bears repeating in as many different ways as possible. Until you fully understand it.

No one is coming to save you.

The government is not your friend. It doesn’t matter who you vote for— the interests of normal everyday people like us are never going to be taken into consideration. Why? It’s pretty simple.

The incentives of the people in charge are totally different than yours. They are incentivized to do nothing more but get elected, protect their own power, and make sure that the elite ruling class remains elite and continues to rule. To add fuel to the fire, these people also just aren’t very smart.

Not only do they have no interest in helping you. Even if they sincerely did, they wouldn’t be capable of doing it. I’m not going to dive too deep into politics and such but it’s important that you understand the game being played around you so you know what to do.

I’m not an expert. This is armchair analysis, but it’s good enough. The point is simply to paint the picture that the collective is screwed, but there’s never been a better time for you to pursue your individual success, which is exactly what you should do. Not even because it’s a morally better option, but because it’s the only option that makes any sense.

A few quick things to consider:
  • With inflation and endless money printing, the value of your money will continue to erode into nothing. If you are keeping your money in the bank, you are literally losing money because your money has the ability to purchase less and less over time.
  • Both sides of the aisle have similar goals economically and militarily (see the bipartisan support for the forever wars). They have different goals culturally, and they use those cultural goals to divide us. They make us bicker with each other while they pick our pockets.
  • A lot of traditional institutions are either currently crumbling, or are on their way out the door. Banks, the mainstream media, and some major metropolitan cities just to name a few. Rather than realize their mistakes and try to pivot, they will double and triple down on their failing strategies until the bitter end.
  • Speaking of the news, at this point in time it is nothing more than a propaganda arm for politicians, corporations, and other powerful people. It’s literally fake.
  • I talked about it in this video, but society is splitting into two different camps— hyper dependent and helpless people or hyper independent, self-taught, savvy, and free people. There is both an increasing wealth gap and a knowledge/mindset gap. In the future, you will either be rich or poor; financially, mentally, and spiritually.

Notice how you never hear messages from the topdown that try to convince you to be strong. Notice how you never hear messages encouraging you to learn and think for yourself. All the messaging is about how the sky is falling and you need to be saved. In some sense, the sky is falling. But that only applies to the people who aren’t paying attention.

Sadly, most people in society fit into this category. They are who Napolean Hill refers to as drifters, in his book, Outwitting The Devil. People who are caught up in a ‘hypnotic rhythm’ and are totally programmed by society. Not much can be done for these types of people. It is what it is. They are so programmed that no amount of information can help them.

Our best chance? We each focus on making the most out of our individual circumstances, lead by example, and share our insights with people who are willing to hear them. So how do you do that?

I didn’t mean to be so serious. I know I’m supposed to be motivational. But this is serious. And sometimes you need motivation that comes from a serious place. Anyway. Let’s get to the recommendations.

Decrease your reliance on authority figures

Warren Buffet has a famous saying “Don’t rely on the kindness of strangers.”

If you rely on someone else for your well-being, you’re putting your life in their hands. I don’t think everyone needs to quit their job and start a business. But it’s almost negligent at this point to not have multiple sources of income.

I know some of this stuff is hard, tedious, and technical, but you have to learn some sort of skill that’s profitable— writing, e-commerce, freelancing, investing, buying property, flipping items— something. If you only have one source of income, you’re a sitting duck. I always talk about being prepared for when the rug is pulled from under you even if you don’t exactly know how it will be pulled.

I didn’t predict a pandemic, but I had cash reserves and stayed on my toes skill-wise just in case something happened. I made more money than I ever have in my life during 2020. You learn skills so that you don’t panic during a crisis. Usually, a crisis is where many opportunities lie. But not if you’re caught flat-footed.

Here are some articles you can check out for reference:

Even if you took all my money away, I have skills that can help make me money. I know how to hustle. Since I don’t rely on a consistent paycheck, I’ve learned how to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. As I said, these authority figures can’t be trusted, and when push comes to shove, they won’t help you.

Don’t just learn these skills for yourself. A lot of you have families and people you care about. If making sure they’re okay isn’t enough motivation for you, then I don’t know what is. I know it’s hard. I know it’s time-consuming. And I know that with your situation, it might be unfair to ask you to learn extra skills, do side gigs, and diversify your income. This is just where the puck is moving. I didn’t make the rules.

Keep pace with the system

Again, I’m not an economic or financial expert whatsoever, but I know the basics. A tweet from Naval Ravikant spells out what’s happening quite well:

Asset inflation (~) 2 yrs: • Non-tech stocks: 33% • Stocks: 45% • Tech stocks: 75% • Crypto: 10x • Real Estate: 15% • Oil: — • Gold: 40% • Commodities: 25% • Agriculture: 25% National savings being spent. If your portfolio isn’t up 30-50% (taxes), you’ve lost ground.

When inflation numbers are released, they use something called the consumer price index. What is the consumer price index? It calculates inflation based on a basket of items that the people who create the index decide to put in the basket. It’s arbitrary and doesn’t measure real inflation.

Real inflation includes all of the inflated assets. If you’re not invested, you’re down even worse than you think you are. When interest rates are low, rich people get to borrow money for basically free and put it into investments. The markets get propped up and continue to go up and up and up. This is where my knowledge ends. I don’t know a ton about hyperinflation or anything like that. But I do know that normal people are on the wrong end of the spectrum. That probably includes you.

So, what do you do? After you learn to make more money, stash it somewhere that it will grow. A basic index fund works— the S&P has essentially doubled since its low in the beginning pandemic. Get in the game. Start learning. Learn about investing. Learn about the tax advantages of owning a business. Get every penny that is owed to you.

Join the sovereign

There’s good news here. If you can become self-taught, not only can you escape the rat race and avoid the tyranny of these incompetent people running society, but also you can live a pretty damn good life.

There are so so so many ways to learn how to free yourself that you don’t have much of an excuse. From YouTube to podcasts to cheap online courses to high ticket programs to books to social media, there’s so much good information out there. I once learned a tip on Twitter that saved me $20,000 in taxes. And it took me 3 seconds to learn!

There are so many ways to make money online. In short, just pick one and stick with it for a while. At first, spend 90 days immersing yourself in it. After 6 months, you’ll have a basic map of the territory of the industry. After a year, you’ll have your footing. In three to five years, you’re free. It’s that simple. Not easy, but simple.

You will have to go through a series of tedious steps, yes, but the steps themselves aren’t inherently difficult. They just require a level of patience and diligence that you might not have yet. That’s okay. You just have to find a motivational wave you can ride to the promised land of discipline and sustained progress. That’s where people like me come in.

I’ll be around sharing insights like this until the day I die. There are a bunch of others who will help you develop a stronger mindset and get inspired. We are forming our own communities— separate from the masses who are being led to nowhere, fast. We learn from each other, share insights, develop skills, and help each other stay sane and focused in a world that’s gone mad.

Less news, more self-taught education. Less fighting, more connection with like-minded people. Less waiting, more action.

I’ve spelled out the game being played around you. Now it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to play.

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