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The Power of Energy

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The word energy has been overused, misunderstood and overplayed in our current spheres of discussion. From spiritual energy to Auric energy, leadership to political energy and let’s not forget the cliché ‘positive and negative’ energy definitions.

Energy has become the bemoaned explanation to relationships, behaviours, attitudes, workspaces, family disruptions and everything in between. In short, the energy of a person has become an excuse to ignore, belittle, condescend, uplift, pedestal-push and worship in our society today.

The fact that energy is intangible creates the space to conjure up magical ways of unexplained reasons to place each person in a mirrored unreasonable reflection. Most times we go off talking about people when we hardly know them and give them a cloak that is a complete farce to who the person truly is.

Energy is made up of atoms, molecules and chemicals to create substance and form. Energy has no definition until we give it one. Let’s take the example of negative and positive energy which comes from an electronic charge or magnet.

We have converted this to reading human beings as carriers of negative and positive energy. Every single human being on this planet has both good and bad. How do we stereotype based on limited experiences or interactions with a person?

What is the human body/mind a collective of? It is energy converted via chemicals, atoms, neurons, gases, minerals, stimulus systems, message centres, organs and nerves that seamlessly makes up the miracle we call life. The energy outside of the body/mind is no different.

Although we are separate entities, we are all connected in the most intricate way to each other, plant and animal life, the stars and sky, water and air and everything else on this planet’s playground. We are not separate but our minds have created a separation from within ourselves to all that is outside of us.

The fact that nothing is really solid nor is it in shape or form is quite a delusional. Imagine that your money on your bank statement actually does not exist and yet as you read the statement you feel a sense of ‘false security’?

Think about the fact that your house belongs to the earth and that your children are lent to you as you to them? Imagine a world where the energy of ‘mine, my, I’ became that of ‘us, we, together’? This obsession with owning, having and stepping over anyone and everyone to create a worthy identity revolves around the energy people want to attract. What does it matter in the end? We are born, we live, we die and life goes on. There is no tangible meaning to life except the meaning we put into our lives.

When all is said and done, it does not matter what you do to impress and identify with. If there is a God and there is a judgment day, you will not be judged on what you were, who you impressed or what you did. You will be judged on how you impacted your life and that of others meaningfully with the energy of creating a balance on this planet.


Tazim Elkington is a hypnotherapist, paradigm shifter, trainer and facilitator, writer, speaker, and creator of the Q factor.

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