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Quit, Before It’s Too Late

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Many things are holding us from reaching our full potential and living the life we want. These things have become part of our life that we barely recognize them as barriers. If we are not careful, they will be our undoing. It’s time to quit before it’s too late.

Quit taking debt

The number of loan apps in Kenya will tell you that the sector is thriving. Most of us have made these apps an integral part of our life. We’ve clung to a lifestyle we can’t afford, and therefore the only way out is to live in a vicious cycle of debt. You take a loan to offset another debt so that you can borrow again. Crazy, right?

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Marketers will convince you to buy anything. However, they don’t know your financial situation. It’s up to you to set your spending limits and say no to unnecessary expenses that drag you into debts. Most things that you think are worth taking debt for you can live without. So take the bold step and cut them off.

Quit putting off living life until when you have more wealth

The year 2020 showed us what really matters. The things that we took for granted became the biggest treasures of our lives. It was clear that life is short. On that note, quit postponing life’s simple pleasures to a later date when you have more money.

Yes, money is important, but let it not measure what you can and can’t do. Why? Money is never enough. The more you have, the more you want. It will never be enough for you to relax and enjoy life. Therefore, do yourself a favour and don’t postpone your happiness one more day when you can enjoy it now.

The illusion that you’ll enjoy in the future when you have the time, and the money is just that, an illusion that will never become a reality. Say bye-bye to procrastination and embrace the possibilities of today.

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Quit trying to please everyone

This is a syndrome that many of us suffer from. It all comes from our inferiority complex and the belief that we are not good enough, and therefore we have to act in a particular way to fit in and be liked by others.

This habit will make you a slave forever because you can never disagree or express what you feel. You’ll attend to others’ needs and relegate your needs to the bottom or eliminate them altogether. In the long, it will be your loss.

Learn to say no to that friend who keeps asking for money and doesn’t refund. Say no to that co-worker that insists on tagging you to their personal businesses after work when you just want to go home and relax. Refuse to be part of things that don’t align with your belief system.

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No one cares about your insecurities. And even when they do, the much they can do is gossip about it. Thus, learn to live with the thought that not everyone likes you, and you don’t have to do a thing to convince them otherwise. Instead, refocus that energy on you and how you can improve your life.

Quit overthinking

Thinking is normal. However, when you go overboard and think more while doing little to remedy the situation, you are doing yourself no good. Overthinking will drain your energy and push you into an unending loop of thought processes.

If it’s a tough situation that makes you overthink, sleep on it. You’ll find fresh insights in the morning. Again, every time you overthink, ask yourself if the issue will matter in one day, one week, a month or the next five years. Focus on things that matter, but don’t let them drain the life out of you.

Quit fearing change

As they say, change is inevitable. Despite this ugly truth, we still fear change because we don’t know what lies on the other side. However, we need to know that our present reality was once unknown. Thus, it will take preparation, courage and a positive attitude to embrace change.

Change can help us get to the next level and find new possibilities. It can also pull us down and lead us to new paths. Despite that, we will never know what we could have gotten from the change until we take a step of faith and accept it.

Most of the time, the fear of what awaits us in our mind. It’s not always a reality. It will help to focus on self, single out our fears and deal with them.

Always remember, no matter how dreadful change is, there’s still something you’ll learn from it either positive or negative. Whichever the situation, you won’t be where you were yesterday. 

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