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Professional Child Counselling Services Available in Kenya

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Much like adults, children also suffer from mental, social, emotional, and psychological distress. Coping with this can be especially hard on a child and quick fix, band-aid solutions do not work. Given the never-ending school unrests in Kenya, it is clear that alternative options need to be explored to help our children cope with the issues they are facing in a healthy manner.

Parents might find that seeking counselling services for their children may just be the answer. Since this topic is rarely addressed in Kenya, a considerable number of parents won’t know where to start. This article hopes to shed more light on child counselling services that are available in Kenya and help you get the help you need.

Who are child counsellors?

Child counsellors are mental health specialists, who help your child identify and cope with the challenges they are experiencing in their lives in a healthy way. These individuals have the knowledge and expertise required to treat social and emotional distress in children as well as mental health conditions they may unwittingly be living with.

Child counselling services are available throughout the country. Different counselling colleges offer counselling services. Besides, there are individuals and private firms that only specialize in counselling services.  

What to look for when seeking child counselling services

There are two major factors you should consider when searching for counselling services for your child. 

1. Credentials

Yes, papers are not everything, but it helps to know that the counsellor you hope to work with is a specialist in child psychology. Ideally, they should have the minimum professional qualification, which is a diploma in counselling and further specialization in child psychology. Also, they should be accredited and a member of a professional body. Apart from the counsellor’s qualification, confirm that the firm or the institution is registered and certified to offer counselling services.

2. Experience

Experience goes a long way in any profession. Experienced child counsellors have worked with a dozen other teens struggling with the same issues that your child could be struggling with. They have handled different cases of depression, bullying, drug and substance abuse, premarital sex, self-esteem and body image, teen pregnancy, and molestation, just to mention a few.

Experienced counsellors know what to expect when working with teens, what to do, and are less likely to be carried away with the latest treatment fad. New counsellors bring fresh energy on board. They tend to be more enthusiastic about their work. Besides, their prices are lower compared to experienced counsellors.

When searching for counselling services for your child, make sure you inquire about the counsellor’s qualification, experience and background. It’s only right that you work with a professional to get the results that you are looking for.

The price range for child counselling services

As is always the speculation, counselling services costs are slightly on the higher side. On average, a counselling session costs around Kshs. 2000. The price, however, ranges from one counsellor to another. So, instead of reserving counselling to a particular class of people, ask yourself, what’s your child’s mental health worth? I bet it’s more than Kshs. 2000.

Child counselling services providers in Kenya

Here is a list of organisations that offer child counselling in Kenya:

Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute

Call: 0722626590

Email: [email protected]

Precision Counselling and Rehabilitation Home

Call: 0780 378314 or 0702 378314  

Email: [email protected]

The Retreat Rehab Center

Call: +254 0715 003150 |+254 0732 740938 |+254 020 8081739

Email: [email protected]

Oasis Africa

Call: +254 (0) 725 366 614| +254 (0) 110 862 232

Email: [email protected]

Vizazi Expert Centre for Youth Intervention

Call: +254(0)713 673 422

Email: [email protected]

Hekima Wellness

Call: (+254) 724 289 229| (+254) 711 640 55
Email: [email protected]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Kenya

Call: 0739 935333

Inner Healing Counselling Therapy

Call: 0729 094 555| 0736 686 542

Email: [email protected]

P.A.C.C Counselling Center

Call: 0721685934| 0750860382

Email:  [email protected]| [email protected]

Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors

Call: 0721296912| 0733761242

Email: [email protected]

Hisia Psychology Consultants

Call: 254 745 562 108

Email: [email protected]

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