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Janet Onyango

Effective Communication Trainer

Hello! I am passionate about helping professionals to excel in their written and spoken business communication. I believe that effective communication is one important way that we build influence in the workplace.

Through workshops and coaching I support professionals to improve their sales emails, report writing, articles for thought leadership and business development. I build confidence for people who make presentations at meetings with clients, boards, donors or gatherings with industry experts. I emphasize shaping a clear, concise and compelling message and delivering it in appropriate language and tone for different audiences.

I have worked with sales teams, non-profit researchers, communications professionals, auditors, humanitarians and a venture capital firm. I facilitate training in English and French.

I am a former lawyer and journalist with a passion for beautiful expression. I have a desire to see professionals overcome their communication challenges and succeed. My career in journalism has taken me to various African countries and to the UK where I delivered effective writing training.

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