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Everybody Gets Two Lives. The Second One Starts When They Realize They Only Have One

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I love quotes and little sayings that remind us of what’s important in life. Sometimes a quote will hit you right between the eyes and seem so profound you get inspired to take real action.

There are two in particular that resonate with me right now:

Everybody gets two lives. The second one starts when they realize they only have one.

Honestly, at first glance, it seems pretty cheesy like something you’d see printed on a poster you buy from Target for decorations, but if you take some time to think about it, it can remind you that it’s important to snap out of it and realize how precious your time on earth is.

I’m in my second life. A few years back, I looked up and realized I was on the verge of wasting a massive amount of time and digging an insanely deep hole if I didn’t do something about the situation, as soon as possible. I got lucky, I was still in my mid-twenties.

A lot of people come to this realization later in adulthood. It frightens them to think they’ve spent so much of their life living in a way they didn’t really want to live, but that fear paralyzes them more than it inspires them.

They get stuck in that mental loop of thinking about how much time they wasted, beating themselves up for wasting that time, and then beating themselves up again for doing nothing more than thinking about the time they’ve wasted and beating themselves up about it.

Next thing you know, even more time passes by.

This brings me to the second quote:

Some people will wake up at 50 wondering how they’ve wasted so much time, only to wake up at 84 and realize they wasted another 34 years.

My advice? Don’t be this person.

Look, I know how heavy the weight of your past can feel. I feel it every day. I think about all the stupid mistakes I could’ve avoided, all the opportunities I passed by because I was either lazy or scared, all the ways I made my life harder than it had to be.

I get that urge to want to keep replaying that mental movie over and over again. I also understand how hard it is to stay focused in the present moment, especially when you feel like you’re at a deficit.

But that’s the only move you have if you want to win.

You can decide that today is going to be the very first week of your life where you’re going to stop BSing.

You can start your second life today.

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