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different Paths, One Journey

In life, there is no right, wrong or ideal path. There is only your path…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


We all search for the same fundamental truths in our journeys. And because we cannot live long enough to make all mistakes or see the results of every decision, we use other people’s journeys, not to compare, but to learn.

Different Paths, One Journey profiles 21 exemplary men and women in Kenya, and highlights how their choices and circumstances contributed to their present lives. Travel with them through their life, and how they overcame obstacles and challenged accepted wisdom to chart their own paths in this journey of life.


The business of learning how to cope with life begins the moment we are born.

One baby can cry and be fed immediately. Another baby can cry, and never be fed.

Whichever the case, both babies’ survival is entirely dependent on the circumstances under which they come into the world — circumstances beyond their control. 

If you are reading this, then you have survived your circumstances. You are now in control – maybe not in every area of your life, but certainly in the areas that count. Because, with all of the uncertainty we face, the one thing we can control is our actions. And this, perhaps, is the real beauty of life: knowing that you have absolute control over your thoughts, words, and actions.

It’s easy to measure your life based on what your peers have or are doing. You may have looked at someone and marveled at how lucky they are. And that’s human. But, as our minds entertain these thoughts, we find ourselves depressed,  stressing over the reasons why we aren’t as lucky as “that guy”: the one who was born with talent or good looks, or the one who came from the right family, went to the right schools, or was in the right place at the right time.

As I thought about my own journey, I realized that, apart from the ‘luck’ we get through the lottery of birth, we make our own luck. Sure, we can be born into it or stumble upon it. But so many people become ‘lucky’ by the way they think and the actions they take.

In his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl says, “Man does not simply exist but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become the next moment. By the same token, every human being has the freedom to change at any instant.”

Different Paths, One Journey is an invitation for you to take control of your life at the most basic level and determine what will become your “next moment”.

In my life’s work, I have met and interviewed many people. I have learnt from all of them, and I have picked up wisdom that I pass on in this book. 

I have learnt that we can never enjoy equal opportunities. We are all born with certain advantages and challenges, and our fulfilment depends on maximizing those advantages and overcoming the challenges. And, rather than asking for equal chances, the ‘lucky’ ones tend to make the best of what they received. I’m offering you snapshots into the life stories, thought processes, beliefs, and practices of some of the ‘lucky’ people I have encountered. Not only will they impart wisdom, but they will also illuminate the many different paths that there are. Because in life, there is no ideal, right, or wrong path: your decisions simply lead you to different opportunities. The blueprint for success is, therefore, personal and unique to each individual.

You may be facing seemingly overwhelming obstacles. Your path may have been muddied, stonewalled, dried out, or built over by others. You may not even know that it exists.

You may have done everything that worked for others, but you still wonder how, with your personality, upbringing, tastes, and talents, you can find a place in the world that gives your life narrative and meaning.

You are not alone. 

As early as the 3rd Century BC, Early Greek Stoics were proffering advice on the notion of well-being and the meaning of life. Across the world, we find proverbs from different periods, which embody practical life advice from diverse cultures. Our lives are immeasurably different from our forefathers’, but the fundamental questions and longings remain the same. 

So this book is in part, a learning opportunity, and in part, philosophy.
I do not offer answers, only ways through which you might arrive at your own. It’s okay not to agree with all the perspectives. Everyone is born seeing the world differently, and each moment we live shapes our eyes and hearts differently. 

The nuggets of wisdom in this book worked for these individuals, because of who they are and the way they see the world. They are may be separate from you but we are all human: your age, race or gender notwithstanding, you share 99.9% of your DNA with every person in this book.

And so I hope this book will help you on your quest to learn, adapt, and understand yourself better. I hope it reinforces, develops, and helps you determine your unique path to fulfilment. 

The point at which you arrive need neither be grand nor perfect, it need only fit. 

I hope that your mind will be opened up to the endless possibilities within your reach. 

And finally, I hope that when your path does emerge, you will honour it.