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Crisis = Opportunity = Change

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

Crises are uncomfortable, scary, and expensive- the unwanted guests that come to disrupt our perfectly normal lives. They turn on our survival instinct which demands that we seek safety, certainty, familiarity, predictability, comfort and control. Which is fair enough, this instinct was, after all, designed to help us survive. 

But we also want to thrive. And thriving rarely takes place when we are operating in survival mode.

Quite the opposite in fact.

We thrive when we leave our comfort zones, accept the uncertainty that life brings and forge new paths for our future. Once survived, every crisis, therefore, presents us with a unique opportunity; to create anew, start afresh, reconsider our views, find better alternatives, change

It is a rare instance where our collective adrenaline gets to flow in the same direction, at the same time because of the same circumstance. And so, today, with the current crisis on our hands, we have two choices.

Choice 1:  Consider this crisis as an opportunity to challenge beliefs that no longer serve us, overhaul systems and structures that are no longer relevant, look for hidden possibilities and remind ourselves what really matters.

Choice 2: consider this crisis as just another unwanted guest in our survival journey, merely thankful for the fact that we came out unscathed, then go back to business as usual.

With the first choice, we may end up finding solutions to problems we previously imagined were beneath or beyond us.

With the second choice, we will have survived a crisis.

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