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Cornerstone Qonverstions: Let’s Talk About Death

Our mortality and finitude remind us of the urgency of living here and now, with full engagement in life and with dedication to those around us. When death comes for us, let it find us among the living.

Irvin Yalom- Staring at the Sun: The terror of death

Many of us fear talking about death and live in denial of its existence even though it is an inevitable part of our lives. So if death is inevitable, what is necessary to understand regarding the process of life?

In this episode of Cornerstone Qonversations, hypnotherapist and regression Therapist Tazim Elkington helps us answer the following questions:

  1. Why is death a taboo subject?
  2. What causes us to fear death?
  3. Why are many of us in denial about death and yet it is assured?
  4. How does the fear of and denial of death impact the way we live our lives?
  5. How do we get more death friendly?
  6. What are some of practical things we can do to alleviate our fear of death?

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December 10, 2020

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