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7 Untapped Business Ideas for Kenyan Youths

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Kenya has a large population of vibrant young people who are always looking for opportunities. The country has a good business environment, and therefore one can explore countless business opportunities. So, to jumpstart your entrepreneurial mindset, here are seven unexploited business ideas for Kenyan youths. 

Dry cleaning services

A quick count on the number of dry cleaners in your locality will tell you that this is an opportunity worth exploring. Most people are busy doing 8-5 jobs. Besides, the number of people willing to wash a duvet after a long week at work is negligible. 

Dry cleaning services can do well in areas where there are a considerable number of young professionals. You’ll also want to set-up your laundry shop in a location where your target market can easily find you. People love convenience. Therefore, offering to pick up and drop off laundry is a value proposition worth considering. 

The cost estimate of starting this business is around Kshs.170, 000. You can tap into your savings, leverage youth group funding opportunities, or seek partnerships with friends and family to get started. 

Pig farming

Pig farming is one of the most lucrative agribusinesses in Kenya. The opportunities available include selling piglets, pregnant sows, and pork to pork processing companies, hotels, or butcheries. You can also brand, package, and export. 

The most common breeds of swine (domesticated pigs) in Kenya include hampshire, landrace, large white, and yorkshire duroc. The breed you choose depends on your business goals. However, the most important factors to consider include farrowing and maturity rate.

The figures online on how much pig farmers are making are impressive. The work that goes into making that money is equally big. So, woe unto you if you’ll venture into pig farming without thorough research, training, and guidance on pig rearing.

Waste management business

The poor waste management system in the country is evident in most cities. Piles of garbage are disposed and burnt in the open air. The problem is getting worse by the day. 

The opportunities for waste management lie in recycling waste materials into valuable products. Entrepreneurs passionate about saving the planet are already making headway in this industry. Lorna Rutto, the founder of Global Bio Energy, is on a mission to recycle plastics into fencing pools. Gjenge makers are also healing mother earth by recycling plastics into construction products like utility hole covers and paving tiles. 

Business ideas for Kenyan youths to explore in waste management are limitless. Plastic can produce bags, beauty accessories, swimwear, mats, and rugs, just to mention a few.  So be innovative and surprise the nation.

Daycare business

Parents work so hard to ensure their children are well taken care of. The trend used to be hiring a nanny. However, with the nanny nightmare, most parents have embraced daycare. So, if you have a soft spot for kids, this might be a business for you.

Handcraft business

Handmade commodities are always in fashion. It is cheap to start and easy to learn. If you want to specialize in beads, you can make sandals, handbags, or bracelets. You can also opt to sew doormats. Another option is designing greeting cards, jewellery, or scented candles. You can sell your products in your neighbourhood or on online sites like Art Fire, Crafstar, Folksy, or Etsy.

Juice parlour

With the increase of lifestyle diseases, people opt for healthier foods, and fruits are definitely on top of the list. This business is dynamic. You can use a Mkokoteni, a stall, or rent a place. 

Whichever option you choose, you must consider the licenses you needed and the cost of setting up the business. Another important factor is a reliable source of fresh fruits. You can also diversify and include fruit salad and whole fruits.

Online business ideas

This list will not be complete without including the many business opportunities in the online marketplace. With a laptop and stable internet, you can start an online shop, offer online tutorial services, start blogging, or an online travel agency. You can also do social media consultancy, virtual assistance, graphic design, software development, content writing, and the list continues. 

Your skills and passion will determine what you can do online. However, if you don’t have the skills yet, there are several platforms where you can sign up and learn. From there, you can explore the different freelancers’ platforms or reach out to individuals and companies to offer your services. 

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