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The Life of a Sniper: Workplace Lessons We Can Draw From It

The Life of a Sniper: Workplace Lessons We Can Draw From It

What’s your mission, and why is the cause important? What targets do you want to hit, and what are the immediate and later actionable points you have to work on? Know your mission, have your goals and targets, and then stick to them. ...
Money Heist: Professor's Incredible Resilience

Money Heist: Professor’s Incredible Resilience

Behind every beautiful light fixture emitting glorious light in beautiful homes and spaces, lies an ugly network of wire connections. Every glamour on the stage owes it to sweat and pain of resilience backstage ...
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Choices Have Consequences: Part Four [Redemption]

I regret my mistakes but I am grateful for where I’ve come from. Make no mistake, I still haven’t fully found my purpose. I fall. I cry. I mess up. At only twenty-six, I’d like to call myself a work in progress. ...
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Beat Back Those Monday Blues With Some Clean Humor.

If you’re doing a job you’re passionate about, where more than just earning a salary, you fulfill an inner itch stirred by talent and innate abilities, Monday will be like a weekend for you. ...