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IDENTITY: But What Do We Really Mean By That?

IDENTITY: What Do We Really Mean By That?

For a gazelle to survive, it knows that it is prey. It is always on the lookout. If one day it mistakenly misidentifies itself as a predator, it will let its guard down, and at that moment, it will die. ...
Why It Takes 10 Years to Succeed: Stephen Kimani, Young Founder of KimSpeaks

Why It Takes 10 Years to Succeed

Basketball legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have both confessed to skipping holidays to work on their skills individually. This sacrifice is what made them stand out. ...
Powerful Lessons From a Simple Poem – IF by Rudyard Kipling

Powerful Lessons From If, a Poem by Rudyard Kipling

I think this poem serves as the beacon of where perfection is. Our dreamland. Our heaven. Hence as much as we would never get there, we should strive on a daily basis to partake in the journey towards our best life. ...
Understanding Passion and Its Utility

Understanding Passion and Its Utility

If you want to figure out what you are passionate about, you have to immerse yourself in the experience. Only after the experience can you qualify or disqualify yourself. ...
Imposter syndrome

Understanding the Imposter Syndrome

The imposter feeling not only occurs when you feel out of place; it also occurs when you have achieved something, but think it was either by a stroke of luck or through tremendous effort. ...
Potential lies in the unknown

Potential Lies In the Unfamiliar

Chris Mureithi credits his now successful career to courage. The courage to have a dream, take the first step to nurture it and persist when times got tough. ...