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Because the stories that are told about who we are matter.


A trip to Zanzibar would not be complete without a guided spice-tour. Agile coconut picker aka “Butterfly-ee” demonstrates, with no small amount of flair, how coconuts are harvested. 

Photographed by Damaris Agweyu


Historically, Africa’s narrative has often been filtered through a lens of helplessness and strife. But new truths about the continent are being  uncovered; truths that are leading to a gradual shift away from the victim to victor mentality for Africa and her people.

4 Old Maps That Tell East African History Better

4 Old Maps That Tell East African History Better

The history of East Africa is basically the story of a titanic tussle between the Kingdom of Abyssinia and the Ethiopian Empire. Before the Europeans came, these two kingdoms impacted the African continent more than any others. ...
Dr Willy Mutunga

Dr Willy Mutunga on Walking in Your Truth

Life is not linear. It’s like a dance. If you have control at the right time and within a context that is favourable, they will call you great, if don’t have control and are regressing, they say you are a failure. ...