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7 Ways to Improve Your B2B Job Descriptions

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B2B stands for Business to Business, and we are going to discuss today — how you can improve your B2B job descriptions. This is important if you are looking to hire more qualified and skilled candidates to work for your company. 

A B2B is basically a part of a sales profile of any company that has a sales division. The sales division of any company consists of mainly two types of profile — one is B2B and the other is B2C, i.e. Business to Customer. 

The job of a B2B salesperson is to do business with other companies and make a profit. Unlike B2C they do not need to connect with the customers. B2B sales are also referred to as Corporate Sales. 

A highly skilled and knowledgeable B2B sales team is essential for every business that wants to grab more market share and increase the market span. Therefore, in order to have a good B2B team, first, you need to hire the right people for the job. And, for that, you are going to need to create the kind of job description that will attract top candidates. 

And, that is exactly what we are going to discuss here. So, let us get started.

Improve the job description and target the right candidate

Just as we have discussed above, B2B is a corporate sales profile. The sale is a part of marketing where your product reaches the targeted customer hence completing the initial product life cycle. 

So, whether you are directly connecting with the customers or not, the final goal is to make sure that your business has made an impact on the market and satisfied the customers. To carry out this procedure, you are going to need a good marketing team and Atdoorstep’s business venture can be taken as an example.

Job Descriptions play a huge role in the recruitment of new employees. So, in case you are not able to create a job description up to the mark, here is how to do it.

1. Identify your need

Sorting out what you want or need for the company is important before you start looking for candidates. Overcrowding your company will increase the cost of the company, resulting in employee cut-offs. 

So, at first, identify the skill set or commitment your marketing team is lacking. Make a list of all the required skills, experience, and other factors based on the niche your company works in. This will not only help you to hire the right candidate for the job role but will also save you a lot of time in the recruitment process. 

2. Initiate an employee referral program

There are a lot of ways to hire a new candidate for a B2B or any kind of profile. Sometimes, you get good candidates from various job portals, or via offline recruitment drives. These two processes need a lot of monetary investments. So, we recommend that before outsourcing, there is always an option of hiring new employees, via referral and recommendation. 

Referral hiring will save you a lot of time and money. Adding to that, you will get a new employee upvoted by an existing employee. Ultimately, it will promote a strong work culture and the total hiring process will be easy for the HR Manager. 

3. Look beyond the resume 

A Resume speaks about the technical skills and knowledge of the person. But, what it does not speak is about the nature of the human being, the personality, mental stability, and many more factors. 

Over and above the educational qualifications and technical skills, you should focus on things like how the person reacts to different situations, or how good the candidate can make on-spot decisions. 

You will eventually train the candidate according to the skills required by your company, but you will not be able to change someone’s personality once you have hired then. 

4. Identify exceptional talent 

A B2B sales profile always needs a candidate who can perform a dynamic job role that changes with the various situations of the market. Therefore, a desire for learning along with a mindset of growth is very much important in a candidate. 

Applicants with professional training related to industrial skills are an added bonus point. There are a lot of candidates like these. All you need to do is create an exceptional job description in order to attract the desired candidates. 

5. Search for a strategic thinker 

B2B marketing is a strategic job role. Therefore, you should make your job description in such a way that it attracts the right person for the job. The candidate should be able to keep a balance between business goals and creative marketing. 

The future of your business depends on the types of employees you are recruiting. That means the candidate you will be hiring should see the bigger picture for the company and should go in that direction for the betterment of self and the company. 

6. Don’t make your job description a boring one 

You might have noticed that most of the companies have a very long and boring job description. What they do not know is that if the job description is too long then the aspiring candidate loses half of their interest there only. 

So, it is always recommended that as a company owner, you are creative enough with your job description. Try to make short paragraphs and keep the important points in the bulletin, such as job role, responsibilities, etc.

7. Create an offer they can’t refuse 

A job description is the first thing that you pitch to the candidate as a recruiter. Say a fresh graduate is looking for a B2B sales profile on different job portals. They don’t know anything about your company but they see your job description along with thousands of other companies’ job descriptions for the same profile. At this point, the likelihood that the candidate choosing your company depends on the offer you have made through the job description. 


Hiring new employees is a long process and needs a lot of hard work and commitment. As an HR manager, your responsibilities will start with – publishing an attractive job description. As job descriptions are the first thing any aspirant will see regarding your company and the job you are offering, it is always important to make an exceptional job description to attract larger numbers of qualified candidates. 

Here, we have discussed the 7 best ways to improve your boring job description. So, if you are not getting enough candidates for your open job role, then try out these tips and you will be good to go. 

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