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10 signs it’s time to start looking for a new job

Too many of us spend our lives, enduring miserable jobs; which in turn translates to miserable days and ultimately, miserable lives. If more than 5 of these signs speak to your situation then it’s time, in the poignant words of the Rascal Platts song, to ‘just move on’.

1. You absolutely dread going to work (and it’s not just a Monday thing)

The thing is, we have all hated some work days some of the time but if you dread every work day all of the time, that’s your body telling you to prison break that job!

2. You have a ______(fill in the blank) for a boss

Pick your boss, not your job, someone wise once said. We are not asking that you create a BFF relationship with your superior at work- because that will definately translate into another set of problems; all you need is to have a cordial relationship based on mutual respect. If your boss takes pleasure in throwing you under the bus, belittling you or stealing your thunder at every given opportunity, then it’s time to vamoose.

3. You’re surrounded by idiots- in a manner of speaking

The person who sits opposite you is an idiot, the ones you go for lunch with are idiots, group projects are a venture in the world of idiot-dom. You’re always the smartest person in the room and you can’t even be cute about it because you know that they would knife you in the back at the first opportunity- matter of fact this has happened on a number of occasions but remember, you’re not a cat; you only have one life, live it wisely.

4. Or you’re surrounded by a bunch of know- it- alls

Being surrounded by idiots might inflate your ego but being surround by know-it-alls might do more harm- it will kill your spirit. It’s always nice to give your idea and be or at least feel heard. But if you never feel confident or comfortable enough to voice your opinion, share your thoughts or speak up for yourself; if the people you surround yourself with are constantly putting you down and give a rats ass about what you have to put on the table, you need not stick around.

5. You’re not the social media guy but spend more time on Facebook than work

Many of us are guilty of having whiled away some time on meaningless, guilty pleasures at work but if that’s what you’re doing to keep your sanity all day err-day, if the only time you get work done is when you are being micro-managed by your boss, then you are not doing anyone any favours by staying on the payroll; it’s time to make room for a better fit.

6. Not a day goes by without you venting about your job

Yes, even (and perhaps especially) your best friend is sick of listening to your constant complaints about coworkers, workplace and job. “Just quit already”, she hasn’t said. Or maybe he has but you are not known for your acute listening skills. Here’s the thing (in writing): if you’re holding on to that job, it’s because you really need it and if you really need it, you might as well make it work for you; meanwhile be in search for an exit plan. This business of bringing everyone down with your incessant complaints only serves to make them believe that you truly deserve the life that you are currently leading.

7. The work environment smells like three-day-old fish

Your colleagues moan about everything from how far the photocopying machine is from their desks to what their boss was wearing yesterday. You have tried to inject some optimism into the place but it’s proved pointless, as a matter of fact now you have now become the subject of the toxic conversations. Even your boss seems persistently grumpy. If this is the case then it’s just a question of time before they break you. Even if you love your job, a pessimistic atmosphere will kill your passion.

8. You’ve gone as far as you can

There’s no room or potential for upward movement, nothing new to learn, nothing you find engaging about your day-to-day. Knowing everything like the back of your hand might be great for your ego but it’s bad for your growth- and seeing as you are a living being, stagnation is not a good thing.

9. You don’t get to use your mind and/or your heart at work.

You’re simply a cog in someone else’s machine and no one notices or even cares whether you are there or not. This might afford you the time to spend your days scrolling Donald Trump’s twitter feed but it does nothing for the development of your career or professional growth.

10. You’ve read this article to the end (and not particularly because it’s so well written:)

Yup, you clicked on this article because something resonated with you. If you’re already contemplating quitting your job, that alone is a sign that it is time to hit the road.

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